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Our path ... Respect for honest work, responsibility for quality and love... Love for motorcycles and motorcycle life!


INFLAME is a Russian brand of quality urban motorcycle equipment. And "Russian" is not just a stamp of trademark registration in the country. Russian-means fully developed and produced in Russia. From design and construction patterns, to the final tailoring.

2012 - the beginning of our journey. It was then that was founded brand INFLAME. He was born out of a great passion and passion for motorcycles, like everything with the prefix "Moto".

During this time, we have come a long way and gained tremendous experience, including working with foreign factories. All this has led us to only one thought  we want to create a quality apparel is not inferior to foreign analogues! Only of the  best materials with control of each stitch. No cheap tailoring abroad.

Therefore, since 2014 we have been producing motorcycle jeans, pants and jackets from the world's best denim, the best textiles and only in Russia.

In 2018, we developed and launched the production of its own line of urban motorcycle shoes.


INFLAME is the result of intensive work of the team, passionate motorcycle people and sewing professionals. We spend thousands of hours designing and designing new models, finding the right materials, logistics, manufacturing and other processes. We try to take into account our experience and all the wishes of motorcyclists who wear our brand. Design, modern materials and carefully calibrated landing on the "European" figure is our strong point and one of the main advantages.

Another key priority is to strike a balance between affordable price and consistently high quality. Creating a reliable apparel at an average price, we from year to year expanding range, offering everyone the available equipment to suit every taste.


Putting on our equipment with the sign of the flame, we want you to understand that it is created with fire in the hearts and eyes for the same like-minded people. With a passion for motorcycles and motolife in all its manifestations. For the city, working days, for rest and travel weekend...

We always think about making every motorcyclist in INFLAME gear feel as comfortable as possible, protected and look good both on and off the motorcycle. 

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