Motorcycle jacket INFLAME GRUNGE
Motorcycle jacket INFLAME GRUNGE
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Stylish denim motorcycle jacket for comfortable trips around the city. Completely civilian appearance. Comfortable outdoor installation of protective protectors of shoulders and elbows — if necessary, they can be quickly removed and used as a regular jacket clothing for everyday walks around the city.Special attention is paid to the protective elements. Aramid inserts cover the back area, the outer surface of the arms, as well as the sides, comes with proven certified protection of the shoulders and elbows Powertector, Level 2.

  • Material: 100% cotton + aramid inserts;
  • Pockets under protection in points elbows/shoulders/back;
  • Reinforced seams with maximum tear protection;
  • Convenient outdoor installation of shoulder and elbow protection;
  • Straps at the bottom of the jacket;
  • 4 outer and 2 inner pockets;
  • Metal zippers (with protection for the tank).


  1. Removable protective inserts shoulders Powertector HEX PRO-S (LEVEL 2) - 2 PCs.
  2. Removable protective inserts elbows Powertector HEX PRO-EK (LEVEL 2) - 2 PCs.
  3. Removable dorsal insert of Peva (thickness 7 mm) with the ability to replace protection POWERTECTOR CORE IMPACT PRO B, etc. POWERTECTOR LIGHTWEIGHT - 1 EA.

    Protective insert Powertector:

  • Material: BioElastan
  • CE certification according to EN 1621-1: 2012;
  • Protection level: Level 2
  • High level of flexibility for a comfortable fit to the protected areas of the body;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Patented shock absorption technology-HPS (Honeycomb Protection System)

.BioElastan - excellent shockproof material. Intelligent foam, which is produced by a special patented technology and provides a high level of safety and comfort in extreme activities. It has excellent shock-absorbing properties, providing instantaneous dissipation of the impact force on the entire area of protection, reducing the risk of injury to the point of impact. In addition, bioelastan is a temperature-resistant material that remains stable and flexible in both cold and hot weather, so it is perfect for both summer and off-season equipment.



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